About Adornmyts owner Lea Moore

Lea Moore has been making jewelry since 1972. Having a mom who had lots of necklaces falling apart and everyone in the family constantly handing her their tiny pendants with knotted chain to untangle soon led to her wonderful habit of jewelry making. When working in a huge office building with several adjoining buildings, Lea was soon supplying everyone with custom jewelry. Soon she had to tell her boss that she just didn't have the time to work for her any more.

A few years later and 2 full years of metalsmithing school, she found the Renaissance Faires. Seeing that the nobles were scrounging around in all of the antique and thrift stores for baubles she decided to inquire at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Library. Well, Roman Centurian cameos did not sell well at Renaissance faires as they did in the 1400's she soon found out. Necklaces were almost impossible to find and copy out of books but she did find some. As she sold at Renaissance Faires she met new friends who had more pictures of noble men and women. Things that "could" be copied. How wonderful! And so it went on to became the name, "Adornmynts."

Currently the Adornmynts name has spread all over California and Nevada as the place to obtain the wonderful jewelry items one needs to "set off" any noble's garb. Costume jewelry with a modest price that even the middle class and peasants (on occasion) will search out her wares with delight.

To contact us:
Email: adornmyntsjewelry@yahoo.com
Snail mail: Lea Moore
PO Box 524,
Georgetown, CA 95634
Phone: (530) 363-5966