Lady Linda's Circlet: : A very period, antique goldtone circlet which holds in place any fabric M'Lady chooses. Filigree medallions with tiny (10x8mm) pearl or crystal jewel cabachons.

Cabachons: Pearl, emerald green, dark ruby, amethyst purple, french blue, smoky topaz, sapphire blue, tourmaline green.

Please specify head size in inches.

Felt lining colors: off white, forest green, cobalt blue
please use comment section in paypal to specify lining color

Price: $32.00
Shpg & pkg: $6 U.S. postage
(Please email for Int'l postal fees)

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ATTENTION: Please allow 2 weeks for manufacture and delivery.
personal checks must clear before shipment

Czechoslovakian crystal is half crystal half glass

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